Whisky Stones

Have you heard of Whisky Stones?

Well, they are simply awesome. We have added to our online store, three types of beautiful gift sets of Whisky stones: Volcano, Northern Lights and Glacier.

So what is it? It is perfect for all whisky lovers – or just anyone who enjoys to cool their favorite beverage as you can chill your drink without diluting it. It is very easy to use, simple wash the whisky stones and place them in the freezer and then use it as a substitute for ice cube for your favorite drink.

The gift box are amazing too as they have beautiful pictures of the Icelandic powerful nature, the active volcanos, the beautiful northern lights and the magnificent Icelandic glaciers.

Take a look for more information:

whisky stones northern lights

Northern Lights Whisky Stones

whisky stones glacial

Glacier Whisky Stones

whisky stones volcano

Volcano Whisky Stones


Set of 9 whisky stones


Giftbox with 9 stones and velvet storage bag


Neon Yarn – Alafoss Lopi – Free Pattern

Have you tried the bright neon pink, green and yellow Icelandic Alafoss lopi yarn?
neon yarn - icelandic alafoss lopi

It is a perfect addition to your upcoming knitting projects, especially if you are knitting something for the summer. We love it and as it was a limited production, we are not sure how long supplies last – so get yours while we still have it in stock :) You can shop the neon yarn here.

We recommend this FREE pattern for a beautiful neon Icelandic wool sweater, designed by Þórunn Vilmarsdóttir for Ístex:

NEW! Free Knitting pattern for a Neon Icelandic Wool Sweater.

You can download the free pattern by clicking on the picture above or use the following link: http://www.alafoss.is/neon-wool-sweater-free-pattern.html. You can of course customize the sweater and pick your own colors as you wish – The pattern calls for 4 balls of Alafoss Lopi yarn for the main color and 3 balls of Alafoss Lopi yarn for the pattern color. To view all colors of the Alafoss lopi: http://www.alafoss.is/knitting-yarn/alafoss-lopi.html

Keep us posted of your upcoming neon knitting projects :)

Alafoss Wool Store

Valentine’s Day – Knitting with Love

One of our customers sent us this awesome picture of her Plötulopi yarn that she was currently using to knit her favorite Icelandic wool sweater.

All of sudden she noticed the heart-shape in the middle her plate of lopi and she wanted to share it with us and we couldn’t help but share the love, especially since Valentine’s day is coming up this weekend.

I guess this is just a proof that Icelandic knitting yarn is filled with pure love from inside out.. what do you think? :)


Are you guys knitting anything special for Valentine’s day? Keep us posted :)

Hekla Aurora – a northern lights theme Icelandair airplane!

Icelandair just introduced Hekla Aurora, a northern lights themed airplane and the newest member of their fleet. Not only is this Boeing 757 wrapped in this exquisite livery, but in addition, Hekla Aurora’s interior is illuminated with beautiful one-of-a-kind mood lighting recreating the fabulous display of the northern lights (Aurora Borealis).

Pictures from Icelandair’s website:
hekla-aurora (1) hekla-plane
We had the opportunity to view this amazing airplane and go on board – truly amazing!
hekla aurora Icelandair northern lights airplane

You can read more about the Hekla Aurora on Icelandair’s website here and make sure you watch the video of the how they created this amazing northern lights themed airplane. It is truly amazing!!

We hope you will be able to visit Iceland one day – and hopefully on board this awesome airplane with a true Icelandic northern lights experience. If you have already been on board, make sure you post pictures of your experience and mark them with the hashtag #mystopover.

Traveling through Iceland, make sure you include a stopover in Iceland so you can come and visit us in our store. :)

We look forward to meeting you!

Álafoss Wool Store

2 kg bundle of Plötulopi – Icelandic unspun yarn

We are excited to let you know that we have added the 2 kg bundles of plötulopi to our website. It has around 18 plates and is perfect when you want to have enough of the base colors for your knitting projects. Please click here to view all the different colors available:


Below are pictures of some of the beautiful colors that we offer:

We are having a special sale in our online store – so please remember to add the coupon code SALE2015 after you have added the products to cart, and before checkout Enjoy :)


Fun Socks from Iceland

View socks on our website here: Fun Socks from Alafoss.is

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