Young vikings!

We are extremely excited to share with you the following story:

We just received an email from Mrs. Katy Kent who is a 2nd grade teacher at Allen Field School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her students are very enthusiastic learners and are in the middle of preparing for a Multicultural fair and are learning about Iceland. They fell in love with the Icelandic Saga and everything related to Iceland. We were able to send them some material about Iceland, pamphlets, maps and calendars with pictures of Iceland to help them prepare for their studies.

They have even been playing handball in their gym classes as based on their research, they learned that handball is Iceland’s favorite sport. The students have also made Viking helmets and will be making shields next week. In addition they have been drawing Icelandic Runes, based on the four Icelandic symbols, like the Devotion Rose and they might even try to preform their own saga on Viking life!

They shared some pictures with us of their preparation for the Multicultural fair and we want to send them special thanks for their interest and appreciation of Iceland.

Keep up the good work kids.

Best regards from Iceland.