Homer Simpson in Iceland

The newest episode of the Simpsons family had an Icelandic themed season finale. Music from Sigur Rós as well as many famous landmarks like Hallgrímskirkja, Perlan (the Pearl) and the Blue Lagoon, appeared on the show. The plot of the two-part show revolves around the character of Carl Carlson, Homer’s friend and co-worker, who sets off to visit his home country, Iceland. They were wearing the traditional Icelandic Wool Sweater and even spoke Icelandic 🙂


The Saga of Carl Carlson featuring Sigur Rós – special episode dedicated to Iceland


Homer Simpson and his friends wearing the traditional Icelandic Wool Sweater


Homer, Carl, Lenny and Moe order the traditional fermented shark and the tastier smoked lamb

How do you think the Simpsons look in the Icelandic Wool Sweater? We loved it! Did you see the show? Tell us about it 🙂

Alafoss added to the list of protected areas

The Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources in Iceland, Svandís Svavarsdóttir has announced that Álafoss, the waterfall behind our store in Mosfellsbær, has been added to the list of protected areas in Iceland.

When Álafoss was established at the end of the 19th century, it was marked as the true beginning of Iceland’s wool industry. Álafoss is located in the old factory house by the waterfall Álafoss that was used to drive the mills of the old factory. Therefore we are excited that this historical area around the waterfall has been added to the list of protected areas.


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Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweater


Icelandic Wool Sweater * Hand knitted in Iceland * Icelandic Design * Icelandic Wool * Made in Iceland by Icelandic women

Which one do you generally like the most?

1. Pullover

2. Wool Sweater with zipper

3. Wool Sweater with buttons

Young vikings!

We are extremely excited to share with you the following story:

We just received an email from Mrs. Katy Kent who is a 2nd grade teacher at Allen Field School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her students are very enthusiastic learners and are in the middle of preparing for a Multicultural fair and are learning about Iceland. They fell in love with the Icelandic Saga and everything related to Iceland. We were able to send them some material about Iceland, pamphlets, maps and calendars with pictures of Iceland to help them prepare for their studies.

They have even been playing handball in their gym classes as based on their research, they learned that handball is Iceland’s favorite sport. The students have also made Viking helmets and will be making shields next week. In addition they have been drawing Icelandic Runes, based on the four Icelandic symbols, like the Devotion Rose and they might even try to preform their own saga on Viking life!

They shared some pictures with us of their preparation for the Multicultural fair and we want to send them special thanks for their interest and appreciation of Iceland.

Keep up the good work kids.

Best regards from Iceland.

Happy Knitters

We just received an email from Jake who came and visited our store in Iceland earlier last week. He purchased a large stock of Icelandic knitting yarn for his fiance – and to say the least she was a very happy knitter when he returned home!

Jake was kind enough to share the pictures with us and we encourage you to do the same. If you have ever been to Iceland and visited our local Alafoss store in Mosfellsbær, we would love to see pictures or your story – send us an email to alafoss@alafoss.is.

You can also find a great selection of Icelandic knitting yarn at alafoss.is.

Jake picked out a great selection of yarn for his fiance

Jake picked out a great selection of yarn for his fiance

Jake and his fiance - a very happy knitter!

Jake and his fiance – a very happy knitter!

Jake was about to miss his bus back to the city - so Jona, an Alafoss employee, dropped Jake off :)

Jona, an Alafoss employee, drove Jake to the bus stop as he was about to miss his bus back to the city

Thanks Jake for the pictures – we hope to see you again in Iceland 🙂