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Lopapeysa – the Icelandic Wool Sweater

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Icelandic Wool Sweater

We came across this article about the traditional Icelandic wool sweater that we call “Lopapeysa”.

They are spot on that we truly love our wool sweaters and it’s both a fashionable clothing and a very practical one at the same time. Many have multiple sweaters in different colors and patterns. I have at least four “lopapeysa” –  a pullover, a wool sweater with buttons, a wool sweater with a zipper and a wool vest that is perfect for hiking.

We wanted to share this article with you – you may want to read a little bit more about the traditional Icelandic wool sweater.

All of the traditional Icelandic wool sweaters from Alafoss are of course hand knitted in Iceland with 100% Icelandic wool 🙂

Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweaters from Alafoss

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Alafoss added to the list of protected areas

The Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources in Iceland, Svandís Svavarsdóttir has announced that Álafoss, the waterfall behind our store in Mosfellsbær, has been added to the list of protected areas in Iceland.

When Álafoss was established at the end of the 19th century, it was marked as the true beginning of Iceland’s wool industry. Álafoss is located in the old factory house by the waterfall Álafoss that was used to drive the mills of the old factory. Therefore we are excited that this historical area around the waterfall has been added to the list of protected areas.


Oh! The Icelandic Weather!

The name Iceland is enough to send shivers up your spine and it’s no surprise that one of it’s distinct features is how uncontrollable and unpredictable the weather is.

On February 25th, actor Russel Crowe told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on NBC, that the weather in Iceland is very extreme and unpredictable. Mr. Crowe stayed in Iceland last year, during filming Darren Aronofsky’s movie Noah.

Iceland’s hourly weather forecast – Watch out: it changes quickly!

Mr. Crowe is definitely right – It is sometimes stated that we can’t be certain if a day in Iceland will feature sun, rain, snow, wind, hail, fog or a combination thereof.

However, we are fully prepared to face various types of weather. Icelandic wool products have gained a deserved reputation as the ultimate in comfort, style and most importantly, keeping you and your family warm. The natural fibres of the Icelandic wool trap air and warmth inside the fibre which provides incredible warmth, no matter what the weather. Woolen apparel is not only warm, but also virtually waterproof as the wool wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you dry at all times.

Please feel free to browse through our selection of wool products on our website.

Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweaters - available at

Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweaters – available at

Reykjavik Bacon Festival in Iowa

Álafoss is a proud sponsor!

These are the fine young men of the Iceland Bacon Board / Reykjavik Bacon Festival that will be descending upon Des Moines to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival on Thursday February 7th from Reykjavik, Iceland. They are standing in front of the Alafoss waterfall and are all wearing Alafoss Sweaters.

From left to right: Jói, Bolli, Bensi, Bogi, Jónsi, Bjössi, Tobbi, Arni, Raggi and Silli.

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