Ravelry: 4 million members…

… and Iceland is number 1 on the list .. per capita 🙂

We want to send our congratulations over to Ravelry – who today announced they had reached the 4 million members milestone! Wow – are you a part of the knitting community at Raverly yet?

It is often said that Iceland is the Home of the Per Capita Record and when it comes to knitting, we sure want to be on top as well 🙂

Based on this report by Ravelry, Iceland is leading the way with an estimated 346 Ravelers per 10,000 Icelanders.  See the statistics report here.

Ravelry 4 million members - Iceland number 1

Unravel .. A Festival of Knitting 2014


We are very excited to share with you that we will be participating as exhibitors at the Unravel Knitting festival in Farnham, UK.

The festival will take place Feb. 21 – Feb. 23 and has fast become one of the leading independent events for knitting and crochet enthusiasts both nationally and internationally.

The Unravel Knitting Festival will include a marketplace with products from over 80 leading companies, expert talks, installations and workshops and we are excited to be one of the few, if not the only, international guests at the show.

We are bringing a great selection of Icelandic yarn, Alafoss lopi, Léttlopi (lopi lite), samples of Plötulopi (the unspun yarn) and other wool yarn – knitting patterns and pattern books, traditional Icelandic wool sweaters and Alafoss wool blankets and samples of other wool items along with color sample cards of the Icelandic yarn.

If you are located in UK and close to the Farnham area, we would love to see you there! Visit the event website here and purchase tickets to this exciting knitting festival.

If you can’t make it this year – make sure you follow us on Instagram where you can view pictures from the Festival. Follow us at @alafoss on both Twitter and Instagram 🙂

Do you know anyone that is coming to the Unravel Knitting Festival this year?

Free Knitting Pattern – Aftur

Ever dreamt of knitting your own traditional Icelandic wool sweater – your own Icelandic lopapeysa?

Now you can get a free pattern of a basic Icelandic wool sweater with a beautiful pattern, the same as Actress Scarlett Johansson is wearing in the movie “We bought a Zoo” from 2011.  Instructions available in English, Finnish, and Icelandic.


Download this free pattern of the beautiful sweater Aftur, designed by Védís Jónsdóttir by clicking here.

Napkins with Wool Pattern

What a great idea for your next knitting club?

Now you can have napkins with the traditional Icelandic wool sweater pattern along with matching candles with the same wool pattern design. Click on the picture below for more information.

Order today for yourself or as a gift for your “knitterholic” friends 🙂