Free Pattern: Pink Wool Sweater

Are you one of those knitters who is constantly looking for new knitting patterns… and more to it, a completely free knitting patterns? Perhaps you have multiple knitting projects on your needles, but we are sure that everyone agrees that you can always add one more to your list of to-do’s. Right? 🙂

This beautiful pink Icelandic wool sweater is a must try if you have been looking for an easy and free knitting pattern – using Icelandic knitting yarn Álafoss Lopi. As this is an old knitting pattern, the original color is no longer available – but we recommend this color: 0159 Álafoss Lopi.

pink wool sweater free knitting pattern Icelandic wool

 Click here to download and print the free pattern

Enjoy it and we would love to hear back from you if you have already knitted the sweater or when you do – and please feel free to share some pictures with us 🙂

Best regards from Iceland

Alafoss Wool Store

Icelandic Guestbooks with Fish Skin

Mistur Guestbooks – handmade in harmony with nature –

Each book cover is made of recycled paper and decorated with Icelandic fish skin that is chosen especially from the color and texture and adapt to each book.
The guestbooks are handmade and therefore unique but you can chose which color you want on your own guestbook. Each book is 15 x 30 cm. and contains 40 pages waiting for memories of your gatherings. You can also choose to have the text in Icelandic or English.. Gestabók or Guestbook 🙂

Icelandic Guestbook made of Fish skin

Icelandic Guestbook made of Fish Skin

Icelandic Guestbook made from Fish skin

Handmade Guestbooks made with recycled paper

Guestbooks from Mistur

Mittens – Pattern Book

We just got back the knitting book Vettlingar / Mittens by Margret Maria Leifsdottir after it has been sold out for a while! We highly recommend it … Read more below…

Mittens Pattern Book

Vettlingar – Mittens by Margrét María Leifsdóttir

The author, Margret Maria Leifsdottir, has long been transforming her beautiful knitting patterns into finished garments and accessories of various sorts.

This beautiful book contains a great selection of knitted mitten patterns which she has designed under the influence of several of her favorite fashion designers. Their innovative color schemes and color co-ordination fascinated her and the fruits of this can be seen in her twelve original easy-to-knit pairs of mittens inspired by contemporary designers.


Scavenger Hunt in Alafoss


We got a pleasant visit from our neighbor school Varmárskóli in Mosfellsbær, where a group was participating in a scavenger hunt. One of the goals was to hug and lift up a foreign visitor in our store. 

Thanks for visiting us!!

Brand New Cushion Covers from Lagður

The cushion covers from Lagdur are the perfect gift for nature lovers and for those who want to decorate their homes with a unique and beautiful Icelandic design.

All the cushion covers comes in a elaborate design gift box with information about each photograph.

The cushion covers are made of 100% cotton and the backside color is a beautiful dark brown.

Icelandic Harbour Seal New Cushion Cover from Lagður

Icelandic Harbour Seal
New Cushion Cover from Lagður

Icelandic Golden Plover New Cushion Cover from Lagður

Icelandic Golden Plover
New Cushion Cover from Lagður