Whisky Stones

Have you heard of Whisky Stones?

Well, they are simply awesome. We have added to our online store, three types of beautiful gift sets of Whisky stones: Volcano, Northern Lights and Glacier.

So what is it? It is perfect for all whisky lovers – or just anyone who enjoys to cool their favorite beverage as you can chill your drink without diluting it. It is very easy to use, simple wash the whisky stones and place them in the freezer and then use it as a substitute for ice cube for your favorite drink.

The gift box are amazing too as they have beautiful pictures of the Icelandic powerful nature, the active volcanos, the beautiful northern lights and the magnificent Icelandic glaciers.

Take a look for more information:

whisky stones northern lights

Northern Lights Whisky Stones

whisky stones glacial

Glacier Whisky Stones

whisky stones volcano

Volcano Whisky Stones


Set of 9 whisky stones


Giftbox with 9 stones and velvet storage bag



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