Knitting Joke

Knitting Joke

We got this picture sent from an Icelandic textile teacher in Iceland – Silja Kristjánsdóttir – and we thought it was hilarious!

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Icelandic Felting Wool

Kemba is a 100% new unspun Icelandic wool and is perfect for felting, spinning and also for padding. Kemba (Felting Wool) is sometimes known as “the magical felting wool”.

As felting has become more and more popular among knitters, we have just recently added the felting wool to our product offering at Please feel free to browse through all the amazing colors here.

Have you tried felting?

Shop Felting Wool online at


10 Great Gift Ideas – for people that have EVERYTHING!

Everyone has that one friend of family member that is nearly impossible to find a gift for – they have everything or just simply claim they don’t need anything.. We decided to put together a list of 10 random gift ideas for the impossible-to-shop-for person in your life. Which gift would you want?

1. Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweaters

wool sweater white with brown black pullover wool sweater black with buttonswool sweater white with buttons


2. Alafoss Wool Blankets – 100% pure Icelandic Wool

Alafoss Wool Blankets Alafoss Wool Blankets Alafoss Wool Blankets


3. Icelandic Knitting Yarn – for those who love to knit!

Icelandic Wool Knitting Yarn


4. Matching Wool Candle, Wool Napkin and Wool Matchbox

lopi wool black candle wool pattern black napkin wool pattern matchbox hekla


5. Elf Shoes – perfect for the whole family



6. Shot Glasses with Traditional Icelandic Wool pattern

auntsdesign shot glasses wool pattern


7. Beer Gloves

beer gloves Icelandic sheep Wool beer gloves sheep made in iceland design


8. Koffort Sweater Blanket

koffort sweater blanket icelandic grey with grey in hood koffort sweater blanket icelandic


9. Cushion covers from Lagður

Cushion Covers Icelandic Nature Cushion Covers Icelandic Nature


10. Philippe Ricart Tapestry Kits

Philippe Ricart Tapestry Kits Philippe Ricart Tapestry Kits Oyster-catcher-philippe-ricartartic-tern-philippe-ricart

The Icelandic Horse World Championship 2013

The Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic Horse – Photo from

The Icelandic Horse World Championship 2013 will be held August 4th to 11th in Berlin, Germany. The Championship is the largest event for the Icelandic Horse worldwide with contestants from 19 countries and estimated that around 20 thousand guests will attend.

Members from Landsmót Hestamanna (The Icelandic National Horse Show) will have a booth at the venue. If you are a fan of the Icelandic Horse or even better, if you are going to attend the Icelandic Horse World Championship – make sure that you stop by their booth.

They will have a little lottery game, where you can enter your name to win a FREE traditional Icelandic wool sweater or a FREE Alafoss Wool blanket.

We at Alafoss wish all the Icelandic horses attending the competition Best of luck in Berlin 2013!

Icelandic Wool Sweater and Icelandic Alafoss Wool Blanket