10% off Peysuleysi – Multifunctional – 100% Icelandic


The Icelandic wool has kept us warm on cold winter nights for hundreds of years. Peysuleysi is an article of clothing which can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used as a shawl, bolero, sleeves, vest, trousers, collar, hat, sweater and many other things.

Peysuleysi is available in six colors, black, white, grey, brown, yellow and red.

Its is made in Iceland and is 100% pure Icelandic wool.

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Multifunctional Clothing: See more pictures..

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Peysuleysi – Designed by Björg í Bú: Video of how to use Peysuleysi:

Stefán B. Chocolatier

The Surprise from Iceland

New and delicious Icelandic chocolate from Stefán B. Chocolatier from Iceland.

Learn more at http://www.alafoss.is/food-and-candy/stefan-b-chocolatier.html

  • Quality Icelandic Chocolate with Icelandic Sea Salt
  • Quality Icelandic Chocolate with sweet velvety liquorice
  • Quality Icelandic Milk Chocolate with a hint of caramel
  • Quality Icelandic Chocolate with Hazelnuts

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