Icelandic Wool Sweaters still going strong…

Morgunblaðið / Icelandic Newspaper October 17, 2014

Interview in the Icelandic newspaper, Morgunblaðið, with the owners of the Alafoss Wool Store: Guðmundur Arnar Jónsson and Gerða Gunnarsdóttir.

Icelandic wool sweaters (lopapeysa) have become very popular in the recent years. “I think the vast majority of the Icelandic population owns more than one and more than two “lopapeysa” and they are diligent to wear them at all kinds of occations” says Gudmundur Arnar Jonsson, the CEO and owner of the Álafoss Wool store. With him in the picture below is Gerða Gunnarsdóttir, the co-owner of the Álafoss Wool Store. Both tourists and locals buy Icelandic wool products in the store.

The Icelandic Wool Sweater (Lopapeysa) is still going strong…

The Icelandic wool sweater, Lopapeysa, has kept Icelandic people safe and warm throughout the centuries, and no wonder that this ancient garment is still a part of the wardrobe of people in the 21st century. The natural colors of the Icelandic sheep have survived all fashion trends, are classic and warm colors, and the attributes and characteristics of the Icelandic wool are ideal for colder weather climates. Gudmundur Arnar Jónsson is the CEO and owner of the Álafoss Wool store and runs two stores the company operates, one in down town Reykjavík at Laugavegur 8 and the main store in the Álafossvegur in Mosfellsbær. He says Icelandic wool products are by far the most popular products in the store. All the wool sweaters that Álafoss sells, are hand-knitted by local talented knitters from all across the country, with 100% quality Icelandic wool from Ístex.

More than one and more than two…

Around the financial collapse in Iceland, the interest in Icelandic wool clothing grew enormously, but instead of buying sweaters already made, many started knitting their own wool sweaters and we noticed a big difference in our yarn sales. Our hand-knitted sweaters that we have in our store are still very popular, and our customers are impressed by the developments taking place in the design, patterns and colors,” explains Gudmundur. “I think the vast majority of the population has now multiple Icelandic wool sweaters and they are diligent to wear them at all kinds of occations. Grandparents of the country are busy knitting this term and drawers in the childen’s and grandchildren’s wardrobes are being filled with warm sweaters, socks, hats and scarves.”

The popularity of the Icelandic Lopapeysa can be attributed to the changing times but also to a growing interest in the outdoors activities.” With a good raincoat over a wool sweater, you can hardly find a better outdoor clothing than the Icelandic wool sweater. Our rescue team members know this and they rarely are seen without their wool sweaters. If you get too hot for comfort, you just take off the outermost layer and the lopapeysa is warm, lightweight, breathable and water-repellent.”

The traditional patterns are always classic, but Gudmundur says that the knitters are very creative in coming up with new patterns and designs.  “As a result, the Icelandic lopapeysa is becoming more of a fashionable product and offers more options for those who want the sweater in unusual colors and design. The new neon colors that were recently added to the collection are very popular. Ístex has been efficient in introducing new knitting patterns with innovative designs.” The Icelandic wool sweaters either come as a pullover, with zipper, or buttons or even with a hood. “The open wool sweaters (zipper / buttons) are the most popular today, with more ease of use and easier to take on and off.”

Warm and cozy Alafoss Blankets on a cold winter night…

The Alafoss Wool Blankets are also very popular. They are a quality product, Icelandic design and made with 100% Icelandic wool. In our store we offer a great selection of blankets, the classic horse blanket in mix with other more contemporary designs. “One of the newest editions is the Landscape-collection which is a simple design but features a captivating color pattern that is inspired by the beautiful colors that characterize the Icelandic landscape and nature.”

Gudmundur says that the Alafoss Wool blankets can be found in most Icelandic homes as they are essential on a cold winter day. “What’s better than to cuddle up in your couch in front of the TV or with a good book, with a cup of coffee and maybe some Icelandic chocolate, and get warm and cozy with an Alafoss wool blanket?”

Álafoss Wool Blankets     Icelandic Wool Sweaters    Icelandic Knitting Yarn



Small Eruption North of Vatnajokull Glacier

Key points at this time: 

  • No immediate threat to people or populated areas
  • Airspace and all airports, international and domestic, are open.
  • No volcanic ash has been detected with radar systems
  • There are no signs of flooding

Volcanic Activity

An eruption has started North of Vatnajökull Glacier. No volcanic ash has been detected with the radar system at the moment. The wind conditions in the area are wind blowing toward NW at 12 m/s at 5 km altitude. Seismic eruption tremor is low indicating effusive eruption without significant explosive activity.

At this time there are no signs of immediate danger or flooding in the area, and nothing to indicate that this will affect flight traffic.

The aviation warning area has been reduced to 5.000 foot altitude. All Icelandic airports in Iceland are open. The Icelandic Transport Authority has issued a restricted area three nautical miles around the volcano and up to 5000 ft. over the ground.

Precautionary measures

Because of this The Police authorities have decided to close and evacuate the area North of Vatnajökull. This decision is a safety measure. The eruption is in an uninhabited area, but there are hiking trails in the area. No civilians are considered to be in any danger at this time.

The Icelandic Met Office has raised the aviation color-code to red over the eruption site, in accordance with procedure. The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police, has decided to raise the Civil Protection phase to emergency phase, due to the eruption. This is also in accordance to procedure.

All roads leading into the area are closed as they have been since the seismic activity began in Bardarbunga on the 19th of August. Anyone travelling in the area or planning travels in/close to the area is referred to

Follow updates on for further developments.

Handmade Icelandic Volcano Soap

Have you checked out our handmade Icelandic soaps that are 100% natural with no preservatives or chemicals? They are handmade in small batches; hand-stirred, poured, hand-cut and labeled and cured for four weeks before sold.

Plus they have REAL Volcano ash from the volcanic eruption from Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 and the other has pure glacier water from a glacier (Snæfellsjökull) located in the west part of Iceland.

Volcano Soap

The Volcano Soap Bar is made with real volcano ash from Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland. The ash gives the soap a mild scrubby effect. This soap will gently remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin fresh, soft and nourished. All natural ingredients. This soap has a mild scent of spices. For all skin types. Ingredients: Olive oil, water, coconut oil, Shea-butter, lye, apricot oil, cocoa butter and volcano ash. Weight approx. 80gr (3oz.)


Glacier Soap

The Glacier Soap bar is made with pure Glacial water from Snæfellsjökull. With Shea-butter the skin will be smooth and nourished. Good for all skin types. This soap has a mild scent of the fresh mountain air. Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, water, Shea-butter, lye, apricot oil, cocoa butter. Weight approx. 80gr (3oz.)

Glacier Soap Bar

Birch Soap

The Birch Soap bar is a soap for sensitive skin made with Betula (Birch) oil. Mild scrub effect. Only all natural ingredients are used and no preservatives or chemicals added. Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Macadamia-nut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Hemp-seed oil, Birch oil, Shea-butter, Dried Birch leafs, Essential Oils: Sweet Birch oil. Weight approx. 80gr (3oz.)

Birch Soap


The Little Icelandic Soap Factory is an Official EU Soap Maker and member.

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Brand New Cushion Covers from Lagður

The cushion covers from Lagdur are the perfect gift for nature lovers and for those who want to decorate their homes with a unique and beautiful Icelandic design.

All the cushion covers comes in a elaborate design gift box with information about each photograph.

The cushion covers are made of 100% cotton and the backside color is a beautiful dark brown.

Icelandic Harbour Seal New Cushion Cover from Lagður

Icelandic Harbour Seal
New Cushion Cover from Lagður

Icelandic Golden Plover New Cushion Cover from Lagður

Icelandic Golden Plover
New Cushion Cover from Lagður


Alafoss Wool Blankets

Great selection of Icelandic Wool Blankets

Alafoss Wool Blankets by the beautiful waterfall Álafoss

Visit Iceland: Best Natural Wonders


Gullfoss in located in South Iceland and is a part of the Golden Circle

We were excited to see the 2013 Travelers’ favorite award winners on the gogobot website. In the category of Best Natural Wonders, the beautiful waterfall Gullfoss was #5 on the list!  – Read more about it here. We do have some awesome Gullfoss Mug and Gullfoss Tile Magnet souvenir items. 

10 Great Gift Ideas – for people that have EVERYTHING!

Everyone has that one friend of family member that is nearly impossible to find a gift for – they have everything or just simply claim they don’t need anything.. We decided to put together a list of 10 random gift ideas for the impossible-to-shop-for person in your life. Which gift would you want?

1. Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweaters

wool sweater white with brown black pullover wool sweater black with buttonswool sweater white with buttons


2. Alafoss Wool Blankets – 100% pure Icelandic Wool

Alafoss Wool Blankets Alafoss Wool Blankets Alafoss Wool Blankets


3. Icelandic Knitting Yarn – for those who love to knit!

Icelandic Wool Knitting Yarn


4. Matching Wool Candle, Wool Napkin and Wool Matchbox

lopi wool black candle wool pattern black napkin wool pattern matchbox hekla


5. Elf Shoes – perfect for the whole family



6. Shot Glasses with Traditional Icelandic Wool pattern

auntsdesign shot glasses wool pattern


7. Beer Gloves

beer gloves Icelandic sheep Wool beer gloves sheep made in iceland design


8. Koffort Sweater Blanket

koffort sweater blanket icelandic grey with grey in hood koffort sweater blanket icelandic


9. Cushion covers from Lagður

Cushion Covers Icelandic Nature Cushion Covers Icelandic Nature


10. Philippe Ricart Tapestry Kits

Philippe Ricart Tapestry Kits Philippe Ricart Tapestry Kits Oyster-catcher-philippe-ricartartic-tern-philippe-ricart

Golden Cod – Cushion Cover

Few nations are as dependent on fishing as Icelanders. The rich fishing grounds that surround the island have been an invaluable resource for Icelanders for centuries. Currently the export of fish products brings in more than 25% of the nation’s foreign currency earnings.

Although many fish species live in Icelandic waters, only about 25 are of commercial importance and of these only a handful dominate the catches. Cod (Gadus morhua) is by far the most important, with annual catches of about 200,000 tons in recent years.

Cod is yellowish grey, with a white belly and a pale lateral line. The yellow one, as it is commonly called in Iceland, can grow quite large, reaching a length of almost 2 meters. A common size, however, is in the range of 45 to 85 cm long and a weight of 1 to 4 kg.

Cod can be cooked in various ways, fresh, salted or dried. The British are likely to know cod as Fish and Chips, whilst the Spanish or Portuguese have a variety of recipes for dried and salted cod (Bacalao). Most Icelanders, however, are accustomed to boiled or fried fresh cod, commonly eaten with butter and potatoes.

The Golden Cod - Cushion Cover

This newest edition of cushion covers from Lagdur, is the perfect gift for nature lovers or for those who want to decorate their homes with a unique and beautiful Icelandic design. The cushion covers  from Lagdur, have a zipper and pillows are not included. Comes in a elaborate design gift box with information about each photograph. 100% cotton with printed photograph on the front side and solid color on back. Color variations may occur on the printed photographs.

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