Golden Cod – Cushion Cover

Few nations are as dependent on fishing as Icelanders. The rich fishing grounds that surround the island have been an invaluable resource for Icelanders for centuries. Currently the export of fish products brings in more than 25% of the nation’s foreign currency earnings.

Although many fish species live in Icelandic waters, only about 25 are of commercial importance and of these only a handful dominate the catches. Cod (Gadus morhua) is by far the most important, with annual catches of about 200,000 tons in recent years.

Cod is yellowish grey, with a white belly and a pale lateral line. The yellow one, as it is commonly called in Iceland, can grow quite large, reaching a length of almost 2 meters. A common size, however, is in the range of 45 to 85 cm long and a weight of 1 to 4 kg.

Cod can be cooked in various ways, fresh, salted or dried. The British are likely to know cod as Fish and Chips, whilst the Spanish or Portuguese have a variety of recipes for dried and salted cod (Bacalao). Most Icelanders, however, are accustomed to boiled or fried fresh cod, commonly eaten with butter and potatoes.

The Golden Cod - Cushion Cover

This newest edition of cushion covers from Lagdur, is the perfect gift for nature lovers or for those who want to decorate their homes with a unique and beautiful Icelandic design. The cushion covers  from Lagdur, have a zipper and pillows are not included. Comes in a elaborate design gift box with information about each photograph. 100% cotton with printed photograph on the front side and solid color on back. Color variations may occur on the printed photographs.

Shop these unique cushion covers from Lagdur here.

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