New Online Store

Álafoss is excited to annouch that we have finally launched an extension of our store in Iceland, by offering a wide range of high quality products from Iceland – to be delivered to our customers around the world – online at will give you access to Icelandic Wool Sweaters, Wool Apparel and other accessories. All the wool sweaters are hand knitted in Iceland with 100% pure Icelandic wool. In addition to the popular Icelandic wool sweater (lopapeysa) and other wool products such as the well-known Alafoss wool blankets, you may find knitting yarn – Alafoss lopi, Lettlopi (lopi light) and more – pattern books and even free knitting patterns to make your own wool sweater. You can also purchase exquisite gifts and a wide range of Icelandic art and design that are inspired by Icelandic nature.

We look forward to seeing you at

* Happy knitting *