Unique Jewelry and Home Decor by Raven Design

We just added new products to our website and are so excited to be sharing it with you.

Raven Design creates a variety of unique designs and jewelry, home accessories and decor inspired by ancient Icelandic patterns and Sagas. Raven Design consists of a husband and wife team, Hrafn Jónsson and Hulda Sveins, and are inspired by the unique shape of the island Iceland, it’s strengths and volcanic activity. Not to mention the power of the waterfalls and the secrets of the lava as far as the eye can reach.

Their workshop is their home, a 100 year old house, where the magic of making is made more special. This creative team started in 1999 and has been steadily developing their ideas ever since.

For the Home by Raven Design

Beautiful items for your home, inspired by the land of ice and fire


Candle Holder – Raven Design


Coasters – Raven Design


Napkin Holders – Raven Design


Serving Tray – Raven Design

Leather Bracelets by Raven Design

Beautiful accessories from Raven Design, inspired by Icelandic nature and culture


Fjóluþrenna Leather Bracelet – Raven Design


Áttablaðarós Leather Bracelet – Raven Design


Vinarós Leather Bracelet – Raven Design

Plexiglass Jewelry and Accessories by Raven Design

Beautiful accessories from Raven Design, inspired by Icelandic nature and culture


Áttablaðarós Earrings – Raven Design


Hrafn á Flugi Necklace – Raven Design


Iceland Necklace – Raven Design


Krummsi Necklace – Raven Design


Áttablaðarós Necklace – Raven Design

Raven Design – Icelandic Design – Made in Iceland 

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